Faulty Button?


My intention with the model shown below was to simulate the movement of point along a surface. I did this by creating a loop to bring each point down and then project back to the closest point on the surface. And this worked … at first. But now each time I try to repeat the process by pressing the button I’ve defined, nothing happens…has anyone else ever come across the issue of resetting a simulation in rhino before? Please help!

Hi @Taylor_Rayne,

Consider posting the GH file that isn’t working for you.


– Dale

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Hi @dale !

Good thought! I’ll attach it here. If you have a chance to look it over and perhaps run it with your own shape, don’t hesitate to follow up. I can try to make things more clear.


*you will need the anemone plugin
H20-SCRIPT.gh (14.3 KB)

double click on the Loop End component, it was paused


LIFE SAVER! Haha, thank you so much; I can’t believe I missed such a simple hang up! I really appreciate your help!

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