Fattener should start outside of Srf and not half way out half way in

So I was trying to make a pavilion with a coral structure and used random growth and a fattener to get a good result. It partially works…
My problem is that the outer shell has different thicknesses and interferes with the inner layer.
So i need to be able to push the start of the thickener outwards.
On the screenshots you can see the intersection i need to get rid off.
I don’t know how to describe it properly so i add some screenshots with the basic idea.
Do you guys have any idea how i can change this or avoid it?

Hi @neussingerh,

It sounds like you want to move the polylines outwards before you are fattening them.
How to do this depends on what is going on upstream in your definition, but we can’t say how best to do this without seeing the rest of the definition.

Thanks Daniel for your fast answer,

Yes that could be a solution i assume. If you would be so kind to check the skript and teach me how to do it. Me and my fellow students tried many diffrent things to achive a smooth lokking pavillion.
Korallenstruktur_edit von chriz.gh (23.4 KB)
P.s : sorry for the bad coding we only started to learn grasshopper this semester :smiley: