Fatten vs MultiPipe

Dear @DanielPiker I’ve been using Fatten a lot and switched to MultiPipe for a file I sent to an artist because he wouldn’t need to install Fatten that way.

Two things I’m missing in MultiPipe:

  1. Can we get an option to add caps like in Fatten?

  2. The DirectionOverrides were essential in my application. I think if MultiPipe replaces Fatten, it should have an option to control the direction. I’m creating something like a meandering worm and MultiPipe creates a twisted mesh, whereas Fatten let me control the orientation.

Hi @martinsiegrist

1 - Yes, cap options will be in the next version.

2 - I could add orientation overrides, but I’d also like to try and improve the default automatic orientations where they are not working well.
If you have an example you can send me where the result of setting DirectionOverrides is better it would be helpful as a test case.
Currently the automatic section orientation along curves is done using the normal/binormal of the discretized curve. Switching to using frames taken from the original continuous NURBS curve (if that is available) might already improve it enough. Otherwise I could look at doing some twist minimization across the whole graph first instead of just along each strut as it is now.

Thank you!

21_01_20_fatten_vs_multipipe.gh (21.3 KB)