Fastest Xeon "W" CPU for Rhino 6?

Does anyone have any experience with the Intel Xeon “W” CPU range & Rhino 6 ? I’m specifically interested in the W-2125 CPU, which on paper is the fastest CPU I can find for Rhino. Feel free to correct me if you know otherwise, or if I’m missing something. Thanks for your help.


It looks like the fastest Xeon for single-threaded workloads at the moment. The cache hierarchy seems to differ a little bit from a Skylake/Kaby Lake/Coffee Lake i7. Not a big deal.

Only real difference: ECC support, you pay more ánd you need a more expensive motherboard.

If you want the fastest Intel CPU for single threaded workloads ánd you want ECC memory (which is a good thing) ánd you happen to live next to a money tree, then buy this CPU. :grinning:


Btw, any AMD Ryzen CPU (not the APUs) supports ECC memory. Luckily, some AM4 motherboards do support it quite nicely. (I haven’t tested this myself.) Unfortunately, it isn’t supported officially, meaning: no official testsuite. (Someone please correct me if i’m wrong.)

I don’t know how Rhino on Ryzen compares to Intel, clock-for-clock.

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