Faster way to toggle display on components?

Faster way to toggle display on components?

Find it laborious to go through loads of components and toggle the display, is there a shortcut or hotkey when many components are selected to toggle?

Select the components you want and then middle mouse button and choose the blinded person icon to hide the display preview of those components or the unblinded person to show the preview.

thanks, works!

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Hang on, correction this just seems to be for everything, not the selected objects

Nope, not working over here

There’s no mass assignment of those kind of properties in GH2 yet. (I’m assuming this is about GH2)

Adding menu items will not take long, but the radial menu may or may not make a come-back.

Just to ensure we are talking about the same thing, I want to know if there is a way to bulk hide the geometry of multiple components:

@DavidRutten yes this refers to G2, though screenshot below is G1

I just want the right click option, I have never used the radial menu:

Oh my bad I didn’t see that this was for G2

I added these items. Show and Hide for all selected objects, plus a bunch of more exotic preview modifier items in a foldout menu.


Nice! cant wait to test. Will improve work flow alot to be able to mass hide component geo. Cheers.