Farley Building c1895 - Grasshopper Study

I used Rhino 3D for some time. Lately, I’ve been learning Grasshopper. After following along with about 110 tutorial videos, I wanted to do a study to test what I know.

So, I decided to make a Grasshopper building facade from the Farly Building c1895. As a design, I love the windows in this building.

Except for one rectangle plane, all of the geometry was made in Grasshopper–even the moldings. Almost everything is adjustable with sliders. The materials were applied in Rhino 3D.

( Obviously the last image is the real building. The owner of the dog had trained it for precision jumping.)


Thank you for the Likes!
Still, I wish I had designed it.

Recently, I rerendered the Farley Building Facade in Cycles.



OMG, you forgot the dog!! Just joking… looks great! :wink:

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