Fancy Zones - Grasshopper toolbars unroll in wrong position

When the Grasshopper window is docked using Fancy Zones, toolbars unroll in the wrong positions.

I don’t have fancy zones enabled, since I use Win11 docking mechanism, I understand how important fancy zones for people especially who have ultra-wide monitors.
Since Grasshopper window is an integrated part of Rhino 8 there is likely misconfiguration since your situation is pretty unique.
My question for you is the issue also applicable to Rhino 7?

Valid question, I never experienced it before, so I automatically assumed it was a Rhino 8 issue… but apparently it’s not. I got the same issue with Rhino 7.

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maybe possible to fix, but unlikely soon, since it is not related to eto and the developers and scrambling to squish a lot of bugs before the release, but hopefully someone can add this to the list of fixes although it doesn’t seem to be a top priority.