Fancy cells

Does anyone know a good way to get that white lighting on the surfaces of these objects and also the good transparency?

Hello - the white looks like it comes from the environment - it is a Fresnel reflection of a bright environment, I would say…


Can that be accomplished with Rhino?

Hello- yes, I think so -


Excellent! How did you do that?

Use a plastic material and ensure you have a proper environment, at least in the reflection environment slot in case you want the reflections to be different from what the background environment is.

Thanks, jesterKing. Not to bug you, but can you list the commands to do that if I start off with a sphere?

What were the steps to do that starting from the spheres?

Use the Materials panel to add a new Plastic material. Then assign it to your sphere.

The plastic you can make transparent. Pick a lightish colour.