Family SubCategory Unique Name Error

I am creating families with subcategories, and running into issue when attempting to update my families. The “Add SubCategory” node is telling me that the “Name must be Unique” and causing an error. My understanding of the Add Subcategory node was that it would first search for existing subcategories and use those, then if those subcategories do not exist, it will create a new one. This error seems counter to this logic, unless I am misunderstanding. If I change the element binding to Supercede, or Disable, the script works to update the family, but creates a new subcategory with a suffix appended to the original name. For now, I am updating the family with Supercede, and then editing the family object styles, but would like to understand what I am doing wrong in updating the family. Thank you!

I have having the same issue. Is anyone at McNeel looking at this? Please help!

Chi Zhang, It is being looked at and we’ve discussed it a length internally.

What is your expectation on Adding a Tracked Element with the same Name? Thanks

@Japhy - thanks for the response. If I am understanding correctly, my expected behavior would be that the element would be assigned to the existing subcategory of that name, rather than creating a new unique subcategory with a suffix.

Thanks! I thought this topic was resolved, we had several possible solutions, but the trigger was never pulled.

In the example above the Add Subcategory could see that there is a SubCat of the name already and use it, or even modify it (if it were a different category for instance).