Falko for Rhino available on food4rhino

Falko the finite element analysis tool for Rhino has been published.

Falko is a Rhino plugin thinked to be a perfect companion to Grasshopper.
FEA attributes and loads are assigned to layers, tessellation and intersection of nurbs curves,surfaces and meshes is done by the pre-processor. This means that You do not need to generate FEA models, that simplifies a lot model generation.
Linear, non-linear,buckling and seismic analysis with spectrum response are implemented, plus EuroCodes EC3,EC9,BS5950 and AST.

Free personal license

A few examples:

Simple Truss (no grasshopper)

Seismic Analysis Concrete building ( no grasshopper)

Non-Linear Analysis of a Kangaroo cable net

Gerry D’Anza
ixRay ltd