Failed to save error message after upgrade

I’m trying to export a file as a 3MF file for printing, but I get this error message👇

I performed the update before starting this job. Never had it before.


Test to see if a simple box will export please.

Can you run the command SelBadObjects and see if there are any results?

ShowEdges command will help find any bad areas.

What was the upgrade?

Exports a BOX OK. Selbadobjects and showedges are all fine.
Not sure what the update was, it’s now;
Version 7 (7.23.22282.13002, 2022-10-09)

Can you post the file? this seems more geometry related than anything to do with the service release. Thanks

It’s large for some reason!

Maybe a joint issue. I deleted and reimported and it’s now good!



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