Failed to Register RPC client

I lately sometimes get this pop up window showing up when opening Rhino. What does this mean? image

It looks like this has something to do with ArchvVision:

Is this problem fixed in RH-60398?

Never heard of ArchVision, neither do I remember installing this plug-in. Is this something I must have installed myself or does it ship with Rhino?

This will be fixed in the next WIP

This was happening in Rhino 6.

RH-60550 is fixed in the latest WIP

Edit: just got it 2 times in a row with a different file in Rhino 6
Edit: 3 times in a row with different file.


Sorry for the confusion. I think you can just disable the RPC plug-in to avoid this problem.

If you have both Rhino 7 BETA and Rhino 6 installed, maybe do a repair of the Rhino 6 version, and ensure that the RPC client is loaded from the correct location? See the details link/button in the plug-in manager as can be see in the screenshot from @KelvinC.