Failed loading the scriptcontext module

Hi, I started getting this error message frequently.
I found previous posts discussing this but couldn’t find any solution.
Does anybody know how to fix it?

Hi @mikity_kogekoge,

you might try this: Open _EditPythonScript then from the menu choose:

Tools > Options

In the dialog, under Module Search Path there should be at least 3 default entries. Do you have these ?

If the entries are missing or point to nowhere, you might try clicking the Restore RhinoScriptSyntax files button.


mmm, I tried what you suggested but no luck.

It seems like the timer component is causing the issue. If I turn the timer on and set it to “run”, the issue occurs. But if I set it to “stop”, then the issue does not occur.

Hi @mikity_kogekoge,

so you’re getting this error from a Python component in Grasshopper ? Do you get it in the _EditPythonScript editor as well if you import scriptcontext ? Can you post an example to reproduce the issue ?

@wim, please change topic to scripting / GH

Do you have a sample that exhibits this bug?

Hello. Thank you for your response.

This one.
If you just open it and close it, you should see the error message. (12.1 KB)

Ah, open it means opening the Grasshopper file, and close it means closing the Rhino (not Grasshopper). Thanks!

Any updates on this?


Did you fix this? I have the same problem.

I don’t see this problem these days… Good luck!