Failed Boolean

I have been trying to boolean this little spheres to the shape but it fails. I have tried boolean first the spheres and then boolean that to the shape, I have tried to boolean one by one but it fails.

I can’t see what is the problem.
boolean.3dm (682.3 KB)
Any suggestions?



Hi Joana - I see that this fails in Rhino 5 - it works as expected in Rhino 6.
You can rotate the spheres so that their seams aren’t oriented to be more or less in the same plane as the vertical wall of the other object. Running BooleanUnion on all objects after that will work and produce one single object without naked edges.

Hi Wim,
one question, if I click (no rotation) when I do flow along curve, the spheres, it should work as well?
Thank you!

Hi Joana - I’m not sure which command you are referring to…
If you rotate one of the spheres on the pointy ends, rotate the seam into the object, and run ArrayCrv with the Roadlike option, the new spheres will be oriented correctly for the Boolean operation.

thanks again!
I will try.