Fading a 3D solid

Similar to how you can fade a hatch from solid to transparent, is there a way to do this without post processing outside of Rhino? I’m guessing not but I’ve also seen some pretty wild stuff on these forums.

Sorry, I misread this before - no, I don’t think so - possiblty in a rendered view using a texture with alfa. Let me have a try…
It works better in a raytraced vp than rendered mode -


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The textures image file contains the transparency? Almost like just using a decal then? Either would work I think.

Edit: I think I know what alpha means; in other words using a faded transparency map, and mapping the texture to each surface.

Hi Keith - see if this example makes any sense -

  1. Make a gradient texture with one color 100% transparent (alpha at 0)

  2. Make a new custom material with the gradient assigned to the transparency channel

  3. Set planar mapping on the object ApplyPlanarMapping > I set the plane from the side. I also made the plane ever so slightly taller than the object to make sure the opaque end of the gradient would not try to repeat.

Apply the material to the object and raytrace.

FadeBox.3dm (313.9 KB)



I finally had a chance to try this. It turns into one of those tasks where everything I try leads to a dead end. I almost got it though. I’m trying to get both the fade and linework to show at the same time.
I tried using a RayTraced detail view and modifying the ray traced view to show surface edges. Works perfect except for the fact that I get trapped in the detail view.
I then tried adding an image of a rendered view but had some issues controlling draw order, otherwise I could have overlaid the middle detail views with the rendered image.
I painstakingly did a Make2D from named views to achieve the result below. I really wish I could get Ray Traced detail views to work.
It’s also a shame that the Realistic and Rendered views produce the glitch on the left. If I angle the views certain ways it actually disappears (or rather might disappear, hard to tell how it will actually print).
Thanks for your help Pascal.

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