Face disappearing in make 2d and boolean difference not working on said face

Hi McNeel forum.

I’m having problems with a face of my solid
that keeps disappearing when I try to make a 2D drawing of it and I
can’t figure out what is causing this while all the other faces that
I treated the same way comes out fine. Also, when I try to run the
Boolean difference command on that face I keep getting Boolean
difference failed.

All the help I can get is very much appreciated.
I thank you in advance


Huset01.3dm (7.7 MB

I managed to solve it, seems like the problem
occurred when I took the pieces of my building and ran a Boolean
Union command on it (to get cleaner sections) and then ran Boolean
Difference to create the gap where the blue fields are. When I did it
in the opposite order the Boolean Difference work as it should on all
of the walls and all of the faces are still there when I run the Make
2D command.