Fabrication of Model in Grasshopper


I have modeled a building with some panels in grasshopper.
I want to make a model of this with wood panels and sticks, but all my panels have different angles so i do not know how to make them flat on a surface to send them to laser cut.
I have tried projecting them onto a flat surface, but that does not work because it distorts the dimensions.
I am trying to do this to bring the model to my final presentation for my architecture semester.
Can you please help me?
TASK5_FINAL (2).gh (91.2 KB)

you can do with plane orient component:

TASK5_FINAL_RE.gh (89.0 KB)

Ohh thank you very much!
I see that this gives all the elements, is going to be very convenient since i can bake them in a single time!