Fabricating Tiled Surface

Hello! I have a tiled surface that I would like to unroll to laser cut on 2 ply museum board.

How would I go about creating a laser cutting file so I keep all of these tiles in the correct place?

Thank you so much!

roof tiling.3dm (2.5 MB)

dear bri smith
a professional approach would be to use an automated workflow / a script to assign names and unroll or orient the elements, then use a nesting software for a cutting layout and engrave the names.

As a fast solution you can use _join and _unjoinEdge to cut the geometry into developable stripes.
to see the unjoined edges use _showedges naked edges.
_unrollSrf explode=no
make sure to check that the normals point into the same and the desired direction, to not get a mirrored version.
you can also _project or _pull additional curves to identify the parts and unroll them as well.
hope that helps for a start.
best. tom.

Hi Tom!

I was hoping to go for the nesting approach with the engraved names! How would I got about finding/making a script to unroll and orient the elements?

Thank you so much

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