Fabric Simulation with Kangaroo2, could use some help

Hey Discourse!

Yesterday I was doing some modeling with Rhino, and then I was searching for a fabric to put at my sofa (just to look cool in the renders). Then I realize I know a bit of Kangaroo. Why wouldn’t I simulate a fabric?

So, I did It. But, I’ve could use some help.

When I run the simulation, the fabric collide with my sofa. Ok, good, but some edges in the mesh stay inside the sofa geometry. (see the video attached).

There’s a way I can avoid this? I wish the fabric collide along with all the sofa surface.

Fabric Simulation.gh (410.6 KB)

Thank you in advance!

Have a go with this:
Fabric Simulation.gh (420.8 KB)

It uses the extra goal I posted here

which does the collision also with the edges not just the points (and also adds a tiny offset to make sure no bits still poke through).
Also - it might work better if it is possible to combine the meshes it is colliding with into a single closed solid. At the moment it is many parts - it seems to work, but I think it could potentially cause issues if the fabric gets stuck between overlapping disjoint meshes.


Nice one Daniel!

To be honest, my skills with C# is close to none. But, I’ll try to figure it out what that extra goal did…

But, I got a question about it: Wouldn’t be better if you create this extra goal as a new component for kangaroo?

Thank you very much anyway!

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Yes, I will put this in as a standard component in a future release.

Note you’ll need to set the referenced assembly location as prompted when it loads (and choose the KangarooSolver.dll file - let me know if you have trouble finding it - the location depends which version you are running).