Fabric like pattern on facade!

I want to imitate this pattern but instead of ropes gone be tubes with different size,materials and colors and in some places I need to make it opened,to make it like window.Any idea how to do it or any similar method used before??

As a starting point you could create a network of curves that weave under and over each other between two fixed heights, then use the pipe command in Rhino or Gh to create the tubes?

yeah I agree,but I tried to do it but its becoming like regular pattern,but I need randomness.Is there any plugin which can help me to create bunch of irregular curves??I was thinking of using point cloud or tween curve commands.

You could defiantly use points and tween crvs…

You could also use grasshoppers “random” to add random noise to a curve which would make it less regular?

I made a plugin specifically for tweens and blends called Pufferfish although I am not sure how tweens would make that rope. Tweens usually have some kind of coherence in flow. Those ropes seem very random. As a bit of advice you will get the best results here if you make some attempt and post it. You can see here how to make an effective post.

I am still not sure,it was just starting idea how to approach.About tween curves I was thinking to make interpolation throug point list and tween all of them to get more random structure.anyway thanks for offer.

Clothestextures.gh (10.8 KB)

I made recently.But unfortunately I coulndt soo much improve it.To make it I use ramdom attraction tool but its not doing it on Z axys.How can achieve same random effect on Z?