FAB TOOLS arrange for lasercutting

Hi there,

Does anyone know how to arrange a big number of geometries baked from grasshopper to rhino with the plugin fab tools? I just tried to arranged the geometry in frames but it organizes the elements 1 by 1 but i would like to arrange multiple geometries in 1 rectangular frame.

Thank you in advance

Hi @javiergonzalezcastil,
I don’t have Fabtools installed but from what I remember you can’t do that with this plugIn.

What you are looking for is called nesting have a look at the free and grasshopper integrated OpenNest

Hope to help

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Hi! Thank you for the helpful information. I am in the way to solve my problem with OpenNest, but still need some time to arrange the big number of geometries in multiple repatead frames :stuck_out_tongue: