F10 key (Step Over) no longer working in Rhino Python Editor (binded to _PointsOn)

I started having this strange problem this morning. When I run a Python script step by step in the Rhino Python Editor , my F11 key (Step Into) works but my F10 key (Step Over) seems to be hijacked by the _PointsOn Rhino command. See below:

Does anybody knows how to get my debugger F10 (Step Over) functionality back???

Appreciate this was a little while ago (!) but don’t suppose you recall if you found a solution and or what it was?

Hi @Chris_Phillips,

Thanks for reporting. I’ve logged the issue.


– Dale

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I got around it in the end by changing the keyboard mapping in Rhino.
Tools → Options → Rhino Options → Keyboard
And then setting F10 command as: StepOver

Appreciate this doesn’t help if you want the main Rhino functionality of turning points on.