Extrusion Rhino?

How to do this in Rhino? This is in Sketchup.

Why not use the same WireCut method as the one Mitch posted here?

Doesn’t work.

Well, don’t expect Rhino’s solid manipulation tools to work exactly like Sketchup’s. They don’t.

In this case, I would use SplitFace to split the face, then you can Use ExtrudeSurface from the Solid menu, setting DeleteInput=Yes and extrude the split face downward (you could also extrude it upward). This method could also work for the first example in your other post. quick vid


What is it that doesn’t work?

  1. box

  2. WireCut 1: defined line

  3. Cutting depth 1 and 2

  4. Finished WireCut 1

  5. WireCut 2: cutting depth 1 and 2

  6. Result

Rhino 5 for SketchUp Users: