Extrusion from a 2d plane?

can we extrude from a 2d plane?
example a pinball plan (extrude the black areas which are the contours).
to save time


Hi -

I’m not “seeing” what you are describing here. Can you post a 3dm file?

have you read at least the level 1 training manual ? is one of the best materials for beginners
there you will learn all the things you can extrude, among other usefull things.

If you are looking to extrude contours from, say, a black and white image, no, that is not directly possible. You can only extrude curve or surface geometry. You would have to trace the image first either manually or with some sort of plug-in or external software available to do contour tracing from images (there are several).

Thank you for your answers
yes actually I was talking about an image.
do you have a plug in to suggest to me
doing this job simply ?
if not
I will do it manually…it was just to save time

@wim example :

This one has been suggested in the past: