Extrusion Extending

Greetings Rhino’s. Old Dog Learning New Tricks here this morning.

Whats the trick for extending the hip rafter down to the fascia?

would scale1d suit your need ?

Hi Old Dog,

You don’t say just how new your tricks are: a lot depends on where you have already got to. Apologies if I am telling you stuff you already know.

If you have already cut vertical ends then scaling the hip rafters will distort the ends, so it isn’t a great method in that scenario. Instead, you can use Move Face (under Solid menu/Solid Edit Tools) to move the lower end without distortion.

A better approach might be to start by making all your rafters too long and then trimming them back using the ridge beam, fascias etc. (like staring with a piece of wood and a saw…), using Boolean difference or split/trim as appropriate (split/trim will mean you have to use Cap Planar Holes to make your rafters solid again, if that is important to you).

You will probably find it helpful to start with construction lines before drawing the actual rafters - they are great for getting trims right. I would draw them in a separate layer so you can easily show and hide them as needed.

Don’t forget that if you have a symmetrical structure you can use mirror and/or polar arrays to copy one side to another.

Hi, wirecut might be an option too. That is if the rafters are made longer than needed.—Mark