Extrusion disappear

when I create an extrusion, it appear in white, if I save, close and open the model, I can see the extrusion but it’s impossible to select.
if I explose and join to brep, everything is solve.


Hello - can you please post a file with one of these ?

How are you exploding if you cannot select?


when you create the extrusion you can select it, but after closing and re open, you can’t…

bug extrusion.3dm (68.4 KB)

Hello - hm - it all works here in V5 and 6. I am at a loss - does it select in shaded modes?

no shaded mode, it the same with old model, I can’t select the extrusion, so …
I’ve try repair with installation, now I will try to uninstalled and re-installed.
from one day to another…

bug extrusion.3dm (45.9 KB)

when you this files do you see that


Hello - no - the objects look like they are locked.


yes but I try unlock, rhino said no locked objects

uninstalled, re-installed nothing different…

How are you creating the extrusions? From a typed command, menu, button, script?



_Box in command line, but I’ve the same problem with _cylinder

_Tube too

_ExtrudeCrv equally. evreything how is type extrusion, if you explode and join, it become Brep.

You can avoid using lightweight Extrusions by running the UseExtrusions command and set your preferences accordingly.
That change will stay with that installation of Rhino.

@losimonin Just a shot in the dark, but can you run SystemInfo in Rhino and post the results here? I’m wondering if the special meshes created by extrusion objects are causing some sort of display problem that prevents them from being selected.

When it’s “impossible to select” with the mouse, does Ctrl+A select it?