Extruding polysurface face V5 vs V6

Hi @Pascal,

It used to be a case before (V5 for sure, and I think earlier in V6) that when ExtrudeSrf command is used on Polysurface face, the extruded solid was an independent, new object.

Now it becomes automatically joined/unioned with the polysurface it was extruded from.
Is that by design? Or is there a setting that controls that?

in our workflow 99% of the time we need the new object to stay separated as it used to.
Now it adds extra clicks to extract polysurf face first (copy), extrude that into a new object.



Hey Jarek,

ExtrudeSrf has a command line option DeleteInput=Yes or DeleteInput=No. With it set to No, it makes an independent extruded object, when set to Yes, it unions the extruded object to the base object.

That setting appears to be sticky between sessions in both V5 and V6, so you only need to set it to No once. Or create a macro with the option specifically set.

On the other hand, in V6, sub-object selecting a face and extruding with the Gumball extrusion handle and Alt (to create a duplicate) does not seem to work to create a separate object… which it should in my mind…

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Hi Mitch - thanks! Somehow in V5 I must have it set years ago and never touched this setting… And today looking at V6 the DeleteInput Yes/No naming somehow didn’t make sense… Your hint solves it.
( and I agree, the gumball extrusion should allow for separate object creation. “Tap ALT to make duplicate” with Gumball extrusion still creates one solidunioned object as you said. Looks like a bug to me…)

thanks again,


Yes, I agree.


Hi @pascal

Is there a way to use Gumball face extrusion into a new object instead of boolean-unioned one? Per the posts above, seems like tapping Alt was expected to do it, but still keeps it as one object.



Hi Jarek - yeah, I’d think that (Alt) should work. I’ll get it on the heap.