Extruding meshes/poly surface objects to mesh/poly surface

Hi there,

I have been provided with a script to extrude mesh buildings to a mesh surface or poly surface to poly surface. However, the script calls for a Brep surface and a mesh building to extrude. The script doesn’t function and I believe its due to the incompatibility of the mesh/surface. could anyone tell me how, instead of an operator calling for a Brep, I could select a mesh?

Script is attached!

I am very new to Grasshopper!

Many thanks Attach buildings to topography mesh.gh (13.7 KB)

Hi Elliot,
When you are posting a file, it helps to have the geometry that the script/definition is referencing. With that said, a sample set is preferable, (for example…not a huge terrain mesh/surface with thousands of building footprints, but rather a smaller mesh/surface with a few building footprints).

Er … “extruding” buildings makes no sense (since usually buildings exist nor has any meaning to actually extrude something within the AEC perspective and given what GH/R can do [not much]). You propably have in mind: placement (+ some proper “holes” on the terrain) and/or excavation indication(s) given a footprint.

For instance (case: placement):

Going from this state: any sheet like terrain [mesh/brep] + any mixed buildings [mesh/brep] in the buildingList (placed randomly in Z):

To this:

And these:

If this is what you want I could attempt to translate the existed C# shown in native GH components. Translating a real-life excavation C# (tapered sides etc etc) is rather complex mind.