Extruding a tapered shape about a common axis?

Hello all,

is there a quick and relatively simple way to achieve this. On the model I want to extrude/sweep the larger rectangle along the cyan axis to end up as the size of the smaller rectangle.


IanHANDLE.3dm (107.7 KB)

Did you try this with Sweep1?
Note that the radii of the rail curve (cyan axis) should be larger than what you have right now.

Also, if you want to have the rectangular section also changing over the first and last segments of the rail, you can add extra sections by copying the rectangle to the new position and scaling it to what you want.

I did away with the radii on the rail curve, (to start with), and used Sweep1 on the smaller rectangle. I wanted the rectangular section changing evenly over the entire rail, so tried to do what you suggested with the copying and scaling, but failed miserably with the orientation/rotation of the rectangles on the middle part of the handle. So I tried dividing the Swept rectangle into 30 sections but the programme didn’t like that. I had to draw polylines from end to end on the 4 outer edges of the “sweep” and divide them, then produce new rectangles and rescaling. A very long winded way I know but I got there in the end. Now I’m trying to reintroduce the radii on the surfaces!

Hi Ian - use ‘Untrimmed miters’ in the Sweep1 dialog sweeping the rectangles on the sharp cornered path. If you want the sides planar, make the rectangles too wide and then trim or Boolean the result with the planes that you want for the sides.

LIke so - maybe? HANDLE_PG.3dm (261.0 KB)

If you want a clean taper in all directions, add rectangles at the angles of the path and just loft the four rectangles as ‘Straight sections’.


Perfect Pascal, except your timing!:sweat_smile:I went back and deleted what I had done in a long drawn out process and followed your advice; redid it in less than 5 minutes! Thank you.again!


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