ExtrudeSubDFaceAlongCrv+Taper? (Maya's "polyExtrudeFace")

Is there a way to get this effect in Rh7 and/or 8WIP at the moment? (see pics of Maya tut)

I’m testing in RH8-WIP (may be same in RH7) and found that:

  • SWEEP can control the Segmenting like in the pics
  • PIPE can control the Taper like in the pics

But I can’t seem to find the way to do both – particularly using a face of an existing SubD as the starting point. This would be beneficial in that the new geo can sprout connected to the existing geo, and not having to worry about construction plane, or angle of the Crv’s starting point.

EDIT: FYI - MultiPipe is a grt tool, but not what I’m looking for, here.

subd sweep 1 with subd friendly curves can do this- simply add a curve at each end of the profile curve that defines the tape you want,

Hi @theoutside Thanks for the reply. I’ve been binging (bingeing? :thinking:) your YouTube videos lately – extremely helfpul!

I wanted to reply when I saw this, and though I’m not quite bale to picture what you mean, I’ll probably get it when I try it.

the key is to make sure your segments of the new pipe match the segments of the piece you are going to join it into-

see steps below-

(glad you are enjoying the vides!)

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Hallelujah! For some reason, I wasn’t coming up with that variation. Thanks so much!

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for added fun, do the sweep 1 with history and you can adjust the rail , and the radius of the profile curves to tune the taper exactly how you want it.

once you do the bridge, you lose history, but you can do a lot of iterating up until that last step.

Oh yeah, been partying with that like a cr*ckhead.

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