ExtrudeSrfTapered with Rhinocommon

I was wondering how to reproduce the behaviour of the ExtrudeSrfTapered command with Rhinocommon. Scripting is definitely an option, I know, but I’d like to keep it as encapsulated as I can.
The command has a great way of working with containers and contained areas (think of a letter like a “O”), choosing the right way to taper them properly directly on surfaces.
Anyway, Rhinocommon seems to have tapered options for single curves only.
Any idea would be appreciated.

Hi @fabiopasquarell,

The Rhino SDK does not contain a functional equivalent to the ExtrudeSrfTapered command. However, you can taper extrude curves using Brep.CreateFromTaperedExtrude. For a Brep face, you could get the edge curves and then use this function. If you have inner loops, you’ll need to Boolean the outers with the inners.

– Dale

Hi Dale,
thank you so much for your answer. That’s exactly what I came up to while working on it by myself.