ExtrudeSrf Acting Like BooleanSplit

All of a sudden, whenever I do the extrudesrf command on a solid object, the side that’s extruded becomes its own object instead of still being connected as one whole object. Any idea what caused this and how I can fix it? Also, I don’t have the Split At Tangents option on.

check the option DeleteInput=No unther the ExtrudeSrf comand

That option was already on “no” in the first place tho.

then try it the other way, maybe it works.

It only worked once, but when I tried it again, it didn’t work. it only works for some objects.

the file or a capture could hep to understand the situation, maybe it leads to an error.

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Just guessing but that preview looks weird. Maybe you should check the boundary surfaces down there.

I’ve been trying to get rid of that weird spot by using BooleanSplit after extruding a srf to intersect it…

I think it doesn’t work because of coincident or overlapping edges between the objects. can you upload those objects?

TempFile.3dm (10.7 MB)

Ok this part doesn’t work because it has non manifold edges and some self intersecting surfaces down there:

the purple objects has non manifold edges too:

that lead the boolean operations to fail. since there is not a magical way to solve this, I think you have to extract some surfaces and rebuild some areas.

Ok, thx for replying so fast. So, do I have to explode the purple object and then somehow join them together after altering it? Cuz when I used the ExtractBadSrf command, it doesn’t detect anything…

there are not bad objects there, just few messy edges and coincident surfaces.

There is a tool in Boolean tool that merge coplanar surfaces, I think it’ll simplify your model and remove a lot of edges…
I work in French, so I forgot the exact name…

yes it will simplify the coplanar faces but it will not solve the non manifold edges. the command is MergeAllFaces.

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