Extrude surface to solid union

Hello everyone,

for quite sometime I am getting stuck with lofting between 2 surfaces. This time I am trying to extrude the surface to the solid surface so that way I could do a boolean union. I tryed to extrude the surface passing the solid threshold so I could make the solid difference and choose the final result, but this way dind’t work out as i was expecting, since I wasnt able to select the result i wanted. Also tryed making a flatsurface and loft with the wavy one. None worked out. Anyone knows how to achieve this? I want to extrude the wave surface to the solid so i could make it one singular solid.


loft prob.gh (44.4 KB)


You want this shape?

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Hi Leonardo,

I see that you had entered surfaces as inputs to the loft component, yet this component only works when the inputs are curves. The quick fix would be to select the edges of both surfaces and loft them correspondingly.

Find the modified definition attached. loft prob_2.gh (52.8 KB)



yeah man, thanks!

Thank you! I was wondering if it has a smarter solution in this situation, it has?