Extrude selected parts of a curve

I’m new to grasshopper and I have a problem with extruding only selected parts of a curve.

I have a facade that I have seperated into modules. The aim is to have a variable [0-1] where 0 is that all modules are extruded along a vector and 1 is every second.

Is there a command to help me along with this or can you give some good advices?
(I used shatter to make the facade)facade.gh (24.5 KB)

Instead of your solution with the domain, you can use a Divide Curve component. Then Dispatch the shattered curve segments. I created a value list for you and grouped the new solution.

Your average tangent vectors can be created much easier by evaluating the segments at t=0.5

facade_mrtn.gh (32.6 KB)

Thanks for the response. But I want a facade all along the curve just like this picture.
The aim is to make a slider with the variable [0-1] so I can control how many modules that are moved back. Like 0.5 is every fifth modules is “moved back” (not extruded)

More like that?

facade_mrtn.gh (35.1 KB)

Yes thanks :ok_hand:

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