Extrude result is different from R7

Extrude.gh (9.7 KB)

R7 vs R8.7
Is this intentional? If yes, what is the simplest method to make the open extrusion back to Untrimmed Surface with native component in R8?

I have understood it’s intentional, even if there were seldom cases this would conflict with other stuff

Deconstruct Brep → Faces → Brep Join gives the Brep back

[edit] oh wait, Untrimmed Surface, not a Brep? I missed that detail :upside_down_face:

Lofting those:

Extrude_RC8_7_Re.gh (10.3 KB)

I miss the old Extrude. When something is really basic and works well, people really don’t want to touch that. I guess it is unintentional.

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+1 on that.