Extrude polyline on sphere to

hello everyone, can anyone tell me how to extrude the complex polyline, please. I had try to extrude but it’s not in the right direction. I has sit in front of computer for 8 hours. :sleepy:Stereographic_projection.gh (57.5 KB)

Like this? Stereographic_projection_ME.gh (55.2 KB)

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Yes, very thunkful. It’s similar to what I want. Can just extrude a single surface. Not have thickness.Please~

like this? Stereographic_projection_ME.gh (58.5 KB)

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Yes, I’m so thankful of you. But can I ask your help the last time. I want offset the extrude surface, and make sure every big one polygon and littele one polygon had 1.9mm gap.

I am sorry, please make a sketch because you have lost me.

OK, fine.I had try…

An alternative and simpler way to generate this:

stereohexsphere.gh (9.9 KB)
(this works by using stereographic projection, but from 3d to 4d, then rotating in 4d and projecting back down to 3d again)


I’m guessing this is what you want in the end:Stereographic_projection_ME.gh (54.8 KB)
Still in the old file, not Daniel’s file.

OK. I’ll try. Thanks for your suggestion.

Right. Thank you for the help. I can’t thank you enough. You’re a nice guy.