Extrude multiple surfaces from a radial direction to centre/0

After scaling up relief details on a ring [the details were too small for the 3D printer to print good result] But without modifying the shank, I now have a gap between the relief details and the shank.
It seems to me the best way is to Extrude Srf all the back faces of the relief. I did one from face center to 0. But there are lot and lots of little faces from all around the ring! It would be very tedious and inefficient to do this one by one and some are too long and would extrude in a deformed way
The direction option in the command ask for 2 points; one would be always 0 here, but the other point I’d love it to be everything, allowing me to extrude all the bottom surfaces in the direction = center = 0 in a reasonably efficient way. This would be very useful for the kind of work I would often need to do.
Perhaps there is a way to scrip it? Or is there a command option for this [that as a beginner, I didn’t find]
With many thanks