Extrude Curve With Name Applied To Object?

Hello Forum, I have a bunch of closed curves which for a large layout of stoneworks. I tend to name all the curves as I go along. When I extrude the curves is there a way to automatically add the relevant name to each object created from the named curves ?

Hello- here is a quick python

import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs

def test():
    ids = rs.GetObjects(filter=4, preselect=True, select = True)
    if not ids: return
    names = [rs.ObjectName(id) for id in ids]

    if not rs.LastCommandResult() == 0: return
    newIds = rs.LastCreatedObjects()

    while len(newIds) > 0:
        rs.ObjectName(newIds.pop(), names.pop())


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@pascal Thank you sir, works a treat :pray: :+1: