Extrude curve maximises screen

Every time I select EXTRUDE CURVE: STRAIGHT from the solid menu Rhino maximises my screen (which I keep on the left monitor usually)! What’s up with that?
Typing the command or selecting from the floating solids menu window Rhino does not react that way. How is that possible?

Good question. We have no idea.
I’ve seen it on two other customer’s computers, both with Quadro graphics cards, but running with accelerated hardware on or off makes no difference.
If it was graphics card related, that should have isolated it but it didn’t.

Since we can’t duplicate the behavior here in a debug build, we can’t fix it.
It’s about as rare of a bug as I know of.


What version and service release of Rhino? You can get all this from Rhino’s About command.

If you are using Rhino 5, are you using the 32-bit version or the 64-bit version?

What version of Windows?

– D

Ed Monk was one of the people that had this problem. It was a different command but it would maximize the Rhino application window across the full Desktop on two monitors. Very strange. He just quit using the pull-down menu item and used the toolbar icon instead.

Version 5 SR12 64-bit (5.12.50810.13095, 8/10/2015) Started happening just about when SR 12 loaded. Yes I am running a quadro graphics card for two years on Win7-64.
I also stopped using the pull down menu and use the icon to keep the annoyance down.
This is the only issue I have had in ANY software over the past two years. Thanks for the replies about this issue.

I am having the same problem. For what it’s worth it also happens when selecting to print (File > Print). At first this was a minor issue but it is becoming a gigantic annoyance! Anyway to force Rhino to stay on one screen?

This is generally a recent issue (last 6 months or so), there have been no changes to my OS (other than windows updates) .

Any bright thoughts on what to do would be greatly apperciated!

We were never able to repeat it or figure it out, so there is no fix.
The display code for V6 is dramatically rewritten so my guess is the issue will go away with the next version.

If it’s the same issue, try using the print command icon in the Standard toolbar instead, or Ctrl+P