Extrude curve based on area of adjacent (intersecting breps)

I have a group of curves that are all touching. I am trying to select a subset of these curves, and extrude them by a distance that is based on an attribute of each of all the immediately adjacent (touching) curves.

I can select the subset no problem, and have successfully selected the adjacent curves. The problem is relating those adjacent curves to the specific subset curve that they’re touching.

e.g. if I have 3 subset curves:

{0} touched by {1} and {7}
{3} touched by {7}, {8} and {9}
{4} touched by {11}

Hopefully the attached definition helps articulate what I’m trying to do.

adjacent geo_help.gh (22.0 KB)

Blue curves are the adjacent lots. Red extrusions are the filtered lots. Light grey curves are all of the other geometry.