Extrude curve as solid outwards not inwards using point?

see attached.
I need this profile 5mm further out from 0,0 then make solid to point.
I try offset curve 5mm in side view but get bits !

is there an extrude curve as solid that will allow me to start at a point not end at one ?

actually to a point is not quite what I need, I need the width such as 11.5 and 8.5mm constant down to cplane, whilst the walls at either end of the slot radiate out.

see second attachment where I try to construct it using surface to point, .
EXTRUDE CURVE FROM POINT OUTWARDS construct stage by stage.3dm (51.1 KB)



I came from the other topic about the boolean difference fail and this one shows why.
You have to change the way you think each object, there is no need to extrude from or to a point. just extrude the triangular shape o a portion of a cilinder and sustract the thickness you need in one side, something like this.

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Hi Steve, I think what you want is the thing you have, exploded and the surfaces extended with ExtendSrf, then all joined again.

@Steve1, like this: EXTRUDE CURVE FROM POINT OUTWARDS_Extend.3dm (66.4 KB)

I’m not sure if that is the desired outcome but it’s my best guess from your comments, before a coffee.


Hi Diego,
that would do it.

thats v6, v5 wont open it.
you say to have the arc surfaced then use ExtendSrf.
I can only get that command to extend surface sideways not downwards though.

ExtendSrf.3dm (44.1 KB)

I still wish there was solid, radiating not to a point but to a plane or source.

Am I on the right methodExtendSrf phase 1.3dm (46.5 KB)
here by manually constructing this ? creating lines then projecting to surfaces, before using surface tools to fill planar shapes ?

solid radiating to a location would be easier !

and here it is skinned, more naked edges, yet simple structure and planar surfacing then used.
taking ages to create this simple extrude solid.ExtendSrf phase 2.3dm (95.0 KB)


unable to open it. v6 :frowning:

phase 3, having made a no naked edges shape by resurfacing , seleting surfaces and resuing surface tools 4 points, same as before, or maybe I used planar ?..anyway, more luck than anything,
I use extendSrf and get this, its not radiating.
ExtendSrf phase 3.3dm (90.7 KB)


Hi Steve, there is a gap in one corner of each set of curves ( blue and red) you can solve it using _Match, and then the process I show you here:https://global.discourse-cdn.com/mcneel/uploads/default/original/3X/c/5/c548cebcfce3bc3a8d5c86b26fe46ae506a7d472.mp4