Extrude both sides with axis plane indicator in gumball

Sorry @Uriel_Soto and @martinsiegrist the changes I showed are in the 8.9 build which will be the service release candidate soon. This was an internal build I was using to try and reproduce what you were reporting.

The one difference I see so far from v7 is that the extrusion of a closed curve will result in a solid in v8.9 versus an open surface. This is likely due to the new GB feature allowing either closed (default) or open extrusions via the Ctrl key. So it looks to me like the Ctrl modifier on the 2 axis handle should do two things here and is only doing one. I’ll check if we can make it open in this case just like v7.

Open curves appear to yield the same results as v7 with the 2 axis handle combined with Shift and Ctrl. Once 8.9 is the SRC, please let us know your feedback.

I don’t see an issue with Shift aborting extrusions in the v9 WIP so perhaps that is also a build difference. Let’s stay focused on v8 here though please for now. All changes in v8 usually go to the WIP as well.

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Thanks Brian, I’m looking forward to the 8.9 build…

RH-82411 should be fixed in Rhino 8 Service Release 9 Release Candidate 2. Please give a test run.

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Works as expected now. Thank you!