Extrude blocks and curves together without introducing other curves. Rhino6

IN our Rhino5 workflow we daily extrude from a 2D mix of blocks and curves, using Extrudecrv.
IN Rhino 6 this doesn’t work.

I am looking for a solid extrusion of the whole form, not just the outline, not just the curves but the block and curve outline…

Hello - please post a simple example.


Thanks for your reply.
Now fixed, I found a couple of duplicate lines.
I saved,shut and reopened the file as it still wouldn’t extrude properly,
until I turned off all the setout layers completely(they had the half light on) (which were showing thru in the extrusion although not in the scene).
Once it extruded properly I turned these layers back on and now it still extrudes properly.
This seems to be a problem (since Rhino6 ?) I have sometimes with the layers thinking they are still on when they look turned off.

Still sad the join function no longer works on crvs and blocks combinations, as it did in Rhino5, it creates extra curves from the blocks and sometimes from the setout layers,which are off.