Extrude along curve with even distribution

Hello, I’ve got street vectors from OSM and am trying to mass generate roads by extruding a curve along the road curves. So far I’ve got this:

but the extrusions from either side of the curve is not perpendicular to the curve so the width of the road varies.
How can I improve my grasshopper components to fix this issue? Thanks

not easy to say from an image, for sure extruding along Y-axis will give you bad results for the curves which are oriented toward the Y-axis

to get some help I’d suggest to right click on the V input of the Polyline component, choose “internalise data”, delete anything else on the GH canvas, save the GH file and post it here

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Thank you for the response. It’s my first time posting here, sorry for not including the gh file.
street extrusion internalized data.gh (211.7 KB)
I’ve attached it now, thanks.