Extrude along curve / sweep

Hi - I’m guessing (hoping) there is an easy answer to this 2-part question…

  1. I ran into a challenge trying to extrude (or sweep) a curve in a rectangular shape where the bottom of the form needs to stay oriented to the inside like a channel to hold a panel of fencing.
  2. Wondering if once the form is made, if it can be scaled in the horizontal direction without stretching the geometry of the vertical legs? (The fence panel needs to vary in length, but the channel thickness doesn’t change.) I’ve been told sketchup does this, but I played around with scale/rigid in Rhino and could not seem to make it work.

File attached. Thank you!
Rhino question sweep-extrude.3dm (2.1 MB)

Hello - start with your shape curves somewhere in the middle of a leg of your rectangle-

Make one sweep per shape curve.

Does that do what you want? You can use History on the sweeps so that modifying the path curve will change the dimensions of the result.

Rhino question sweep-extrude_PG.3dm (1.7 MB)


Thanks Pascal. The shape you produced is perfect, but I am not able to use sweep and produce that result. (I have never used sweep before.) Could you possibly provide any more specifics on how you did it or a quick video, or point me to a video that might help?

Also did you understand the second question? It was about resizing the panel horizontally without changing the width of the vertical rails. Are there any commands that come to mind for that? Otherwise I have been recreating the panel at the new width so the vertical rails don’t change width.

Thank you!

I should add - the specific issue for me is that the curve I am sweeping always stays upright - it is not turning the 90 degree corners as it moves around the rectangle curve. I want it to keep its orientation to the rectangle curve, not stay upright.

Start Sweep1 or Sweep2 and press F1 to see the Help article for the commands. That’s a good place to start to figure out what the options do.

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Hi Sarah - see if this helps at all


Thank you Pascal! That was SO helpful! Much appreciated!