Extrude along curve problem!

When I extrude the profile along a curve the profile does not align with the curve. Generally, this does not happen but has anyone faced this problem before?

Extrude along curve Problem.gh (16.6 KB)

I would use Sweep1 instead of Extrude Along. With the section oriented centered, you get some self intersections. and the component takes longer to calculate…

The simple solution in your case is to align the sections off center.

I deleted obsolete points on the curve on the far end which is basically just a line…

I’m not using pufferfish. The section can be placed on the curve end with the Orient component.

sweep1.gh (21.9 KB)

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Hello @martinsiegrist
This definition generates wavy extrusions. Also, it fails to create a boolean operation later. Do you think we can improve this?
I have reworked the lines and simplified the profile but this is the result.

TEST sweep1.gh (115.2 KB)

Hi Rane, I wrote in my post above that I would place the section off center. That’s not the case in your new file… Look closely. My section is placed with one of the upper corners on the origin. Not the tip.

Also are you sure all the other polylines need to be three dimensional? The boolean union is not going to look nice.

The final object is a closed polysurface.

In case you don’t want this to be planar, you can morph it from a planar surface to a curved surface.

PS: I reduced the file to just this set of curves. I assume the three sets are identical?

TEST sweep1.gh (53.8 KB)

With this approach, the result is a closed polysurface even after morphing.

sweep1_union_morph.gh (59.1 KB)