'Extrude along curve': Brep extrusion resulted in disjoint fragment

I am trying to create a kind of a ‘pipe’/ring along the hexagon with the section shown on the sketch.
I used the ‘Extrude along curve’ component to extrude my surface along the hexagon.
But the component is still red.
There is a message in the ballon which says: ‘Brep extrusion resulted in disjoined fragment’ (see the screenshot).
I have no idea what it means.
Could you please give me some advise how I can create the shape which I told about?
I attach the sketch of the shape’s idea, the screenshot and my gh file.
The part of a definition (group) is called 'Creating Milling results.Extrude along curve.gh (34.1 KB)

What you are looping for is a sweep, extruding along a curve always keeps the extrusion aligned parallel to the input profile, not good for this kind of shape.

Thank you very much. Sorry, I didn’t answer so long