Extrude a series of object with a variable height

I have a serie of squares like this:

I want each square to have a different height, as noted

how could I archive this?

I would first make sure the squares are sorted the very same way their height should increment

then I would create a Serie of numbers that starts from 1 and has as many items as the number of squares (Serie + List Length maybe)

then I would extrude each squares in Z direction by the amount of its respective value from the Serie component

for a solution with actual components I guess you’ll have to post your gh file

Here’s the gh file…

I don’t get what would you use to deconstruct the surface array to singular objects, and then extrude each one with the correct list
test array.gh (11.5 KB)

for a List of 100 squared surfaces we generate a list of 100 extrusion heights starting from 1 up to 100, then extrude each Srf by its respective value

test array_Re.gh (10.5 KB)

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