Extrude 2 D picture , then curve to form bracelet


I am a completely rookie and will admit i have no clue what i am doing, can someone help me out.

I need to take a 2D picture (any picture) a cloud for example and do the following:

  1. Extrude it to 18cm
  2. Curve it to be shaped into a cuff bracelet with a gap.

I have played around and tried to watch some tutorials but am not able to find exactly what i am looking for. I have to start with a 2D image and this can be any shape.

Can you post an image.

I am not sure what the 18cm is for. Is this a straight extrude then cut out? Like this …


hi Ashley doesnt know :smile:

i assume you want the whole cloud as a cuff bracelet so i will explain how. if you want just a cloud engraved or implemented into a straight bracelet its similar just ask questions if you need.

first you load in a picture with PictureFrame type it into the console, it will autocomplete the word as you might find out pretty fast and hit space or enter to execute it then choose your picture you found or have created yourself and draw a frame in top view.

then simply draw a curve along it with the first 2 or the last of those symbols
you will figure the differences later on

each curve of the cloud can be drawn separately to get those sharp curves for example. most important is that the end points hit each other to create a closed curve. you can use commands like Join to glue them together or trim when parts overlay and extend when they are too short.

once you joined them to one solid curve together use Extrude with the option solid to give it a little thickness.

you can use Hide for the remaining curve that its not in the way or delete it if you never need it again or place it on an extra layer in case you work with complex files later thats the most common option.

after that you can still round the edges with FilletEdge if you want but this we can show you later.

then you create a circle with center-radius in front view and after clicking the center you click on the option circumference and type your 180 mm for the lenght of it. you can also use ellipse but there i have no fast solution for an exact lenght. for an exact gap use SubCrv for example selelct the circle click on a start point enter the lenght of the remaining curve maybe 175 mm hit enter (dont use the option copy) choose the direction and click again. it will cut out a part.

after that you can then use Flow it will bend it smoothly along your bracelet. select the extruded cloud and type Flow with option stretch and click on the option Line then create an orthogonal line (holding shift) from one side of the cloud to the other click at the end point

and click on one of the ends of the circle it should create something like this

and here a slightly filleted version for rounder edges.

Hi Rhinorudi

Thanks for this, the shape is exactly how i want it. But need it to be a cloud form.

Thanks Rich Z

I am going to try this out. Its pretty cool.

use OrientOnCrv when it prompts for a base point click somewhere on your cloud then click on one open side of the circle and click the option perpendicular and position it at the end of the circle. the rest you can quickly rotate with the gumball to give it the orientation you need, a tool which can become pretty handy. after that scale it with the gumball by pressing one of the squares and holding shift while scaling. then use sweep1, first enter the command then select the circle then select your cloud and sweep. and you may want to use fillet on the sharp edges of the cloud first, it kinda made it difficult to use fillet on the closed sweep but that depends on what shape you have sometimes fillets can become selfintesecting when the radius of its cross section is too small.