Extremes (curve) component doesn't seem to work right

Hiya! The extremes (curve) component doesn’t work right. At least for this curve…
Bug or…?

Thanks, appreciate it!

bug extremes.gh (6.6 KB)

Why you used yz plane ?
and i don’t understand why the curve is so far from grid center

my understanding is that extremes takes into consideration the Z axis of the input plane. i just wanted to show it doesn’t work right (if i manually draw a nurbs curve, it gives the expected result). Why do you think i shouldn’t use this plane if i want the left and right extremes?

what is the relevance of the grid center position relative to the curve?

No i just ask because if you draw the curve on xy plane you already choose your plane
Extremes points changed when the curve moved or rotated, i don’t know if what happened is bug or just you need steps to make it work

Hi guys,

I figured out that zoster’s curve comprises an arc-like and a line-like curve joined to each other. Then, I tried to use “Extremes” command for the line-like curve part of zoster’s curve. It was working fine. When I tried it on the arc-like part, it gave an incorrect result. I also tried to run the extremes command on another sample arc-like curve that I created. It gave wrong result again. So I concluded that it is probably a bug related to arc-like curves.

Note that I used XZ as the base plane in my experiment. Thus Y is our height.


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conclusion: it is a bug.

Later find: If you rebuild the curve, it works. Simplify curve doesn’t resolve it though

It seems like it has been a bug reported as far back as January 2016:

Any chance of a bug fix soon?

Bumping this topic in the hopes that this bug will get some attention.

It’s frustrating having to rebuild curves just to get the Extremes component to work!